Joomla site not updating friends dating online people site

Posted by / 04-Nov-2017 18:33

I've hunted on the web but cant find much apart from language issues and admin cache.

Are you still advising to upgrade from 3.6.5 to 3.7.0 and are they working on 3.7.1 to fix any bugs? Dave Hi Phil Post 3.7.0 upgrade, I am wondering if anyone else has noticed sites that will load the home page featured articles on the first load, but when refreshed the "featured articles" do not display.

The following tutorial has more information on this: How to change your Joomla 3.1 Site Template If you're doing everything right, it could be you're not seeing the changes because you need to clear your browser's cache.

For help with this, please see this tutorial: How to clear your browser's cache I hope this helps, keep us updated!

So strange, I've left caching off for the moment but want to get it back on.

Just wondered if in your knowledge of new 3.7.0 whether you've seen this.

Hi, I know this is not related to My Joomla, so I understand if you reply with a simple 'No I haven't seen this' answer as you have no obligstion to give me any time on this and I know you are really busy, but I rate your Joomla experience and I've used your service for years and it is ace.but not main articles, content or whatever the components content is on that page.I have lots of sites working ok with the cache and I've tested it with the out of the box templates and I can't find any pattern as to what might be causing (or is common) to these few sites.I have tried to clear the cache in Joomla and also tried different web browsers but its still the same. About setup and hosting, I have joomla 3.2 installed at my web host, Just the basic installation.Then I thought it might have to do with my host but when i publish/unpublish modules the change shows immediately. No extensions and such, only got a few themes installed. ITvolunteers - Volunteers helping Volunteers free websites for Not-For-Profit community based organizations created by ITVounteers from around the globe.

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