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Large enough to mean there is nearly always somewhere to sit down.

Former premises of Russell Acott - instruments and sheet music sales, 1894-1999 - as the tiled mosaic on the doorway floor testifies. Games: bar billiards, darts, scrabble, monopoly and lots of board games.

Obviously he studies Sports Coaching, or if he’s really something, Sports Science.

Usually has a club picture from Tiger Tiger with the Chuckle Brothers or someone obscure from Made in Chelsea.

When the series starts, she’s just starting at Oxford University, looking forward to learning, making friends and meeting the posh boy of her overheated teenage dreams. Tom Flyte – As soon as Harriet meets Tom – a charming and good looking second year at her college – she’s utterly smitten.

Tom is a vampire and relatively junior member of The Cavaliers, turned in the 1920s.

Though, she does like to fly her dogs over from the States, so that's pretty posh.

When his friend wanted to know what he'd done to deserve this, he explained it was an expression of friendship. The characters in Laura Wade's play Posh would have no difficulty with this logic.Games: Ping Pong Large, popular pub with gorgeous rear garden. Games: Snooker Missing the homeland, or just after an old-fashioned pint at old-fashioned prices (& perhaps a game of darts)? Upper bar mezzanine (Trees Lounge) hosts works by local artists, plus occasional live music gigs.Opened in gastropub incarnation in 2008 (by Chris and Abi, Raymond Blanc-trained and formerly of The High Table on the High Street). Then the Swan, Irish to the hilt & then some (especially when it comes to the jukebox & the decor - hurling & horseracing posters), is for you. Ground floor comprises cocktail bar, dance floor with a new lighting and sound system and an external smoking booth with seating. Available for parties/private hire - phone: 01865 202506 or email [email protected] the upcoming general election, to his mum’s dismay, he’ll be voting Labour because he’s “one of the people”, but he won’t be around long enough for you to ever find that out for sure.Don’t worry though, he’ll still be wearing his signet ring as his last reminder of the pretentious twat he once was (and some could argue still is). You’ll know them when you see them on Tinder because, even if its not in their bio, their first picture will be them behind the decks at a house party in Hyde Park or the first thing they’ll ask is “are you going to Wire tomorrow?

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He can’t really string a sentence together, but he’s easy on the eye and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

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