Php post submit not updating

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Php post submit not updating

AJAX (Asynchronous Java Script and XML) is the art of exchanging data with a server, and updating parts of a web page – without reloading the whole page.

Our earlier blog post already explained about form submission without page refresh, but it was done by using ajax, PHP and j Query. Here, we have database named “mydba” which consists of table named “form_element” with 5 fields.

Well, is still just a blank page after pressing the "Update" button.

I have read some topic on generating license key for the application on some forums and google, but I found the general point of the code is that the license key is created with limited length and the ... i have a problem i have made a php code for select data with checking a value from one textbox. Hey guys I adding a custom field to my woocommerce checkout page that is a selector for different stores that the customer can choose to collect their items from. I am playing around with PHP, however I am stuck on this part.

Here's what looks like now: The results are exactly the same as before.

I have a page for editing content with a WYSIWYG editor (Tiny MCE).

This simple script is responsible for e-mail send via website form.

Im newbe in php so maybe somebody can tell what happened ...

I'm new to Laravel and I was making a simple CRUD program when I encountered a problem with updating the data in the database. if value is exist it will use a function that i made. I created a table which inserts all the information from the My SQL database, this is working perfectly, however: I want if the 'type' in ...

i have small problem with php script which stop working from day by day.

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I have a small issue with updating my database upon a submit.

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