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Sexi chat with feamal

Syrian opposition and rebel fighters have been subjected to piracy and hacking.

Stolen data includes military and political information, humanitarian activities, refugees profiles, communication and media.

The material has been obtained by hackers, posing as seductive women, to entice military secrets from the fighters through the use of malware.

The revelations are detailed by Fire Eye, a private company that provides cyber-security solutions to governments and corporations.

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“Delilahs” in 21st century are Pro-Assad hackers who have tricked Syria's rebels (possibly, some from ISIS) into falling for the oldest scam on the Internet in chats with “girls”. IMAN: 10-3-88 TARGET: Lololol TARGET: 10-3-89 IMAN: What a nice coincidence IMAN: Sent file TARGET: You drive me crazy Iman and the victim sharing the same date of birth is no coincidence.

An estimated 7.7 GB of data has been stolen from the computers and mobile phones of anti-regime fighters in Syria, a new study has revealed.

Sexual entrapment has become a dominant pillar of cyber warfare launched by President Assad's regime.

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